Reopening Now in Stage 2: Increased Attendance Capacity With No Sign-Ups

News June 22, 2020

With the recent downward trend indicated by local data, we have moved on to Stage 2 of reopening and have increased the Mass attendance limit to 98 with no sign-ups required.  Attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Based on past weeks' attendance and the increased capacity, we don't anticipate having to turn anyone away.  However, if capacity is reached, we hope for your understanding and cooperation if we aren't able to invite you in and we thank you for your thoughtfulness towards the public health.

Whether you are healthy or “high risk” (anyone over 60, immunocompromised, with a heart condition or diabetes, or who has any other serious underlying medical conditions), your safety and health during worship is the highest priority.  We encourage each of you to discern what is best for your own health and the health of your family and your communities.  Should you decide that staying at home is safer, we respect and honor your decision.  We will continue to stream the 11 a.m. Mass so that you can worship and participate at home and watch it live or anytime afterwards.

Please be reminded that recognizing that the pandemic still persists, the Archdiocese has made the following statement:

“The dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation will continue for the foreseeable future. Cardinal Seán strongly encourages people in vulnerable populations, especially the elderly and those with complicating physical conditions, to continue to watch Mass from their homes, on their parish’s social media or on CatholicTV.”